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Welcome to the Chandler Unified School District
Welcome to the Chandler Unified School District
CUSD Annual Report 2015
CUSD Annual Report 2015
CUSD Choices
CUSD Choices
Journey 2020:
Academic Excellence
Journey 2020:<br />Academic Excellence
Journey 2020:
Outstanding Staff
Journey 2020:<br />Outstanding Staff
Journey 2020:
Effective Management
Journey 2020:<br />Effective Management


  • Credit Rating Image  
    Chandler Unified Improves Credit Rating:

    The Chandler Unified School District’s credit rating has been upgraded from Aa2 to Aa1. Moody’s Investors Service credited “the district’s strong financial position, favorable operational standing, rapid retirement of debt and stable tax base.”

    Moody’s went on to say, “The district demonstrated strong management during the tax-based declines and state funding cuts of recent years, emerging with reserves at healthy levels and no major backlog of labor or maintenance costs. With recessionary pressures easing, state funding beginning to stabilize and enrollment continuing to grow, the district is well positioned to maintain it strong financial flexibility.”
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  • CUSD Governing Board
    Letter from the CUSD Governing Board to our Governor and Legislators 
    After careful review the Chandler Unified School District governing board resolves that the proposed gubernatorial budget, if enacted, continues to degrade the ability of Arizona school districts to provide an excellent education for all students. The proposed state budget will cut $6 million from Chandler Unified 
    School district funding. This is in addition to the already enacted district cuts of over $36 million the past five years. At the same time, proposals to arbitrarily cut essential "outside the classroom" funding jeopardizes support functions required to maintain a safe, healthy and effective school environment.  

    The Chandler Unified School District governing board also resolves that proposed measures, such as HB2303, constitute micro management by state government that removes local community control of school operations contrary to the wishes of local citizens. For example, over 94 percent of the 50,000+ parents in the district support the current school start schedule, which would be radically changed by HB2303 with no justification, producing significant disruption to parents and staff members. 

    The Chandler Unified School District governing board opposes the proposed budget legislation. We urge the Governor and the Arizona legislature to reconsider these proposals, which we strongly believe will be harmful to our education system, students, parents and district staff. We request that our schools be properly funded and we reject any measures that reduce local community control of our schools.
    The Chandler Unified School District governing board also urges district parents, staff and community members to contact their Legislators and the Governor and ask them to properly fund the district and to reject measures that reduce local community control of their school district.
    As discussed, approved and signed this 25th day of February 2015.
    Karen M. McGee, President
    David Evans, Vice President
    Annette Auxier, Member
    Barb Mozdzen, Member
    Robert J.C. Rice, Member
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  • Annette and Dr. Gary Auxier
    Board to Vote on School Name
    The Governing Board is scheduled Wednesday night to vote to name the district’s newest elementary school in honor of Dr. Gary and Annette Auxier, Governing Board member. The meeting begins at 7 p.m.

    Annette and Gary are the embodiment of civic mindedness. Gary is a highly respected pediatrician. He has provided service and care for our uninsured and underinsured students at the Chandler CARE Center since 1999. In addition to sick visits, he provides sports physicals for CUSD student athletes and well-child preventive care.

    Annette was appointed to the Chandler School District Governing Board in 1998. The first time the public voted her into office was in November 1998 and, in an affirmation of their approval of the work she has done, Annette has been re-elected four additional times. She is the longest tenured board member in Chandler Unified history, now serving her 17th year. Her leadership has helped assure that CUSD prospered through a decade of hyper growth, but more importantly, was well positioned to sustain the massive budget cuts that marred public school districts in Arizona.

    Pictured on the cover Dr. Gary and Annette Auxier at the CARE Center groundbreaking in 2009. Click here to read the resolution.
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  • Proposed legislation causes concern
    Dr. Casteel's Letter There are two issues we want you to be aware of that could be critically important to the families of 43,000 CUSD students.
    First: Budget - Governor Ducey’s proposed budget purports to increase funding to the classroom by five percent. Many have naturally assumed he was increasing the funds available for teachers and classrooms. Does that mean more funds will go to classrooms? No, it does not.  The proposed budget does not add funding. Instead, it actually cuts $113 million across the state from what is called “district additional assistance” funds. These funds pay for school nurses, bus drivers, mechanics, principals, cafeteria workers, crossing guards, secretaries, air conditioning/heating technicians and custodians.
    If the Governor’s proposed budget is approved, Chandler will have to cut approximately $6 million.
    Second: Calendar - In addition, there is an Arizona House Bill (HB 2303) that would mandate the school year could not start prior to September 2 and must end before June 30.  CUSD surveyed our community in 2013 and found that 94% of our parents like our year-round calendar. Our calendar also enables us to complete a semester of high school prior to the winter break, instead of students returning after two weeks off to resume the semester.
    We believe that cost savings related to starting school after Labor Day are overestimated. The days of closing schools for the summer are long over. We run programs year-round and execute our heavy maintenance during the summer. Plus, with technology investment, we can’t shut off or turn up temperatures to extreme heats. Most importantly, our calendar is reflective of our community’s collective input. We believe that these types of decisions are best made at the local level. 

    We encourage you to contact your state lawmakers and ask them to support our students. Make your voice heard on these important issues. Their contact information can be found at 

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  • Two CUSD Students Advance to the State Spelling Bee
    Marcus Behling Marcus Behling, an eighth grader at ACP-Erie, won the Regional Spelling Bee last week, besting 35 competitors from Chandler, Gilbert, Higley and Queen Creek. He advances to the State Spelling Bee to be held and televised live on PBS at 1 p.m. March 21. The winning word was “frigorific.”

    Isha Paode
    Isha Paode, an eighth grader at Willis Junior High was runner up. She also advances to the State Spelling Bee.
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