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Welcome to Mr. Stoltenberg's Math Class! 
This year I will be teaching Geometry, Honors Geometry, and  Geometry/Honors Algebra 2.  Feel free to email me at, or leave me a message at 480-224-2152.  Please check in to the front office if you would like to visit, my room is C112.
This will be my 21st year teaching!  I still love this job and enjoy the challenges that come with each new group of students. 
I offer tutoring after school EVERY day, MORNING (7:00) AND AFTERNOON (until 3:00) with a few rare exceptions (typically Tuesday meetings).  Students can get tutoring during A lunch by appointment.
Use the links on the left to access the most important information from my class.  "Classroom Calendar" will show you what sections we covered for that particular day.  You can then use the "Notes" and "Homework" tabs to download the notes and homework for that particular section.  If a student is absent, all the materials for THE ENTIRE YEAR will be available on those links!
Please read "Stolt's Top Ten" for some of my philosophies of education, learning, and life.  I put this together in order to answer the question to my students when they ask "Why do we need to know this?".
My kids!